Alutray is innovative tray technology used in the food industry to dry various types of products in stationary drying chambers.

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Our trays are made of anodized aluminum profiles, bonded by high-resistance plastic corners and polyamide netting. Painstaking precision in selecting the profiles, coupled with customised corners, deliver robust and durable performance. The construction of the sieve frame and the assembly of the netting, which is exposed to heavy wear and tear, allow easy replacement with no need for professional assistance, which saves costs and extends the frame’s lifecycle. 


Alutray sieves find application in the food industry as trays for various products which require hydrothermal processing in drying chambers during their manufacturing. They are usually used for drying fruits and vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and pastas. 


Standard dimensions: 1200 mm x 600 mm x 54 mm.
Weight 2.45 kg.
On request, we deliver customised tray solutions.
We also offer dedicated trolleys made of INOX with dimensions of 1200mm x 600mm x 160mm. 


Compatible with wooden trays operating in the same trays-arrangement system. This allows the immediate replacement of wooden trays in the course of normal wear, without the need to replace the whole module.

Highly robust design for increased durability and reliable cooperation with tray transmission and transport systems.

Up to four times more durable than wooden trays. Markedly increased resistance to mechanical wear and tear.

Extremely easy to keep clean. The materials employed allow frequent cleaning without any impact on the tray's perfor-mance or durability.

User-friendly replacement with no need for professional assistance, to save costs and extend the frame lifecycle.

Very good market prices. Ask us for a quote, we will prepare a special offer for you!


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